A sales engagement platform powered by AI, that help businesses streamline and automate outbound outreach efforts, from lead generation to conversion.

Problem Statement

Many businesses, from SMEs to large enterprises, face the challenge of efficiently conducting outbound sales and business development.

Building and executing high-converting sales campaigns is time-consuming and requires expertise. Existing solutions lack the ability to fully automate these processes and provide personalised messaging.



I Collaborated with a cross-functional team of PM’s and Devs, alongside the founder, to first create a storyboard that outlines the essential features, functionality and direction of the product.


My second task was building the wireframes using an iterative process to arrive at the final solution.

UI Design

And finally start iterating on the design, getting to the final solution.

Project Type

MVP - Ground-up

Project Date

November 2023


Sales and Lead Management

Road to MVP

Starting with a vision, and outlining the essential functionality and features

After a few brainstorming sessions, with the founder, we carefully selected the following features that will provide the maximum value to users and business.



Giving users a birds eye view, to immediately see goals, targets, stats and performance graphs.

Lead Upload and Management

Users can easily upload and manage their leads, including importing from CRM systems or spreadsheets.

AI-Generated Campaigns

AI-driven campaign generation that creates personalised multi-channel outreach plans, including email, SMS, and social media messages.

Conversational AI

Conversational AI for lead qualification and nurturing, helping and automating interactions to move leads toward conversions.

Reporting & Analytics

Acurated access to reports, stats and insights to help users be well informed on performance.

High Fidelity Wireframes

First look at the solution

After a few rounds of ideation, I designed the wireframes to share a first look at the solution with the team.

The exciting features

AI Everywhere…

As we enter a new chapter of AI technology, It was very exciting to explore a product tackling AI assistance in sales and conversions.

Create engaging visuals, but avoid distracting users from the main data.

Keeping it clean

I always make sure my projects files are organised and easy to understand so:

Collaboration is seamless

My work is efficient with minimal distractions

User flows are easy to follow


Wireframing & Prototyping: I designed high-fidelity wireframes to visualise the

layout and navigation, iteratively refining them based on feedback.

Visual Design & Style Guide: I developed a cohesive visual language, including

colour schemes, typography, ensuring consistency throughout the


Thanks! 🙏

Thanks! 🙏

Thank you for taking the time to go through this case study

I hope this gives you a bit of an idea, on how I work and what is my process

My process would change from project to project , depending on the needs of users, clients, the project scope and resources